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The following are some of our recent, or forthcoming reviews. CVV provides in depth book reviews, author interviews and listener discussions (via Internet-radio). Over the next few months CVV's scheduled topics include Ancient Nubia, Ancient Egyptian Philosophy, African Americans and Environmental Awareness and Recreation, Ancient Arabia, Ending Racism, Ancient Libya, The Science of Wealth, and more.
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African Cultural Astronomy - Jarita Holbrook Heru-Ka Anu, host of Chapters, Verse and Volumes: Literary Review Program will feature a discussion with professor and author Andre L. Smith on the subject of his book Tax Law and Racial Economic Justice: Black Tax   (published by Lexington Books)

Show Time: Sunday 1:00 P.M. (EST)

Andre L Smith writes: "No study of Black people in America can be complete without considering how openly discriminatory tax laws helped establish a racial caste system in the United States, how they were designed to exclude Blacks from lucrative markets and the voting franchise, and how tax laws extraced and redistributed vast sums of Black wealth..."

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The Literary Dialogue Series (LDS) are 3-hour literary based dialogues hosted by Chapters Verse and Volumes Literary Reviews (CVV) over Internet radio. The Literary Dialogue Series (LDS) will feature authors and activist in a mini-conference dialogue on various topics.

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Legacy On The Land - Audre and Frank Peterman

Legacy On The Land - Peterman "The Park Service and mainstream advocacy organizations, having failed to engage the increasingly racially diverse population of our country, now bemoan the predictable results, commission more 'studies of the problem,' and charge the declining interest in our world-class resources to "apathy" when, in fact, they have not done what their own multiple studies showed was necessary: inform the public..." (p. xii-xiii Prologue)

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Erasing Racism - Molefi Asante

Erasing Racism - Molefi Asante "What I would like to see is the constant struggle for civilization coming in every sector of society... When each person, or a significant enough number of Americans, fight against all forms of racist insult, ignorance, discrimination, and prejudice, whether in spirit or in action, in voice or in writing, then we will be on the road to becoming a civilized nation." (p. 25)

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The Libyan Anarchy - Robert Ritner

"Contemporary with the Israelite kingdom of Solomon and David, the Nubian conqueror Piye (Piankhy), and the Assyrian Assurbanipal, Egypt's Third Intermediate Period is of critical interest not only to Egyptologist but also to biblical historians, Africanist, and Assyriologist. Spanning six centuries and as many dynasties, the turbulent era extended from approximately 1100 to 650 B.C.E., from the inception of the divided Dynasty XXI until the reunification of the kingdom in the first reign of Dynasty XXVI." (p. 1 Introduction)

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Barack Obama and the Jim Crow Media - Ishmael Reed

Barack Obama and the Jim Crow Media - Ishmael Reed "When blacks see people showing up at Obama rallies with guns and the ugly racist signs aimed at the president; when they are informed of "The Obama Effect," a phrase for the unprecedented arming of whites throughout the nation, and when they are assaulted by a media for which the president can't win for losing - a sort of electronic white-power government in exile - a Republican Party and other assorted Nigger Breakers, who have raised the viles and most salacious attacks on the president since that directed at Abraham Lincoln by the Confederate media, they find themselves rallying behind one of their own." (Introduction: p. 40)

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Rooted In The Earth - Dianne D. Gave

Rooted In The Earth - Dianne Glave "Stereotypes persist that African Americans are physically and spiritually detached from the environment. This wrongheaded notion is so ingrained in our culture that many of us have begun to believe it ourselves. But nothing could be less true. From ancient Africa to the modern-day United States, people of African descent have continued the legacy of their relationship with the land." (p. 3 Introduction)

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The African Origin Of Classical Civilization - Graham Campbell-Dunn

The African Origin Of Classical Civilization - Graham Campbell-Dunn "Behind the glory of Greece and the grandeur of Rome lies a dark shadow, the shadow of Black Africa. The first inhabitants of Crete and Greece were Africans, but the Greeks pretended that they did not exist. They expunged them from their history, and relegated them to the dimly understood world of mythology, the shadowy realms of 'King Minos'... With Herodotus as our guide we will enter the world behind the mirror and explore a prehistoric wonderland of 'works remarkable and great'."

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Unpredictable Crossing - Joanna-Lynn Mandelbaum

Jonna-Lynn Mandelbaum Tristi had witnessed the massacre and destruction of her village when she was twelve years old. Now the man who gave the orders was aboard the ship for the transatlantic crossing... The mere sight of Colonel Perreira triggered vivid memories of all that had happened during the Mozambique war for independence." (From: Back Cover)

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Digital Diaspora - Anna Everett

A Race for Cyberspace

Digital Diaspora - Anna Everett "This volume considers the persistence of the African diasporic consciousness in cyberspace and the digital age. Among the ares of concern here are the often overlooked or unacknowledged fact of historical and contemporary black technolust; early technology adoption and mastery, representations of race and the new digital technologies in film, TV, video games and the Internet, and the theorizing of African diasporic issues vis-a-vis the super information highway and other digital media technologies in education, culture and politics."

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Conservatism and Racism - Robert C. Smith

And Why In America They Are The Same

Conservatism and Racism - Robert C. Smith "I decided to write this book after Ronald Reagan's funeral. In the long lines of mourners who gathered to pay their respects to the president at the Capitol in Washington and the presidential library in Simi Valley, California, there were very few African Americans... Ronald Reagan was not mourned by many African Americans because he was a conservative... Conservatism as a philosophy and ideology... is and always has been hostile to the aspirations of Africans in America, incompatible with their struggle for freedom and equality." (p.1 Introduction)

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African Cultural Astronomy - Jarita Holbrook

African Cultural Astronomy "The March 29, 2006, total solar eclipse was a celestial event fortuitously passing over many of the most modern countries of West Africa: Ghana, Togo, Benin, and Nigeria. For those of us researching the cultural astronomy of Africans, it fit into our discourse: a rare celestial event to which Africans would be responding... This report details the process of creating the first international conference dedicated to the cultural astronomy of Africans..."

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In Search of Cosmic Order - Juan Antonio Belmonte

Selected Essays On Egyptian Archaeoastronomy

In Search Of Cosmic Order - Belmonte, et al "Setting aside some out-dated commentaries on the development of ancient Egyptian mathematical astronomy, it has become clear in the last decade and a half that sky-watching, and sky-watchers, played a most significant role in various aspects of the civilization of the pharaohs from the proto-dynastic period, when we have the first evidences of a lunar calendar probably governed by the Nile regime, to the Ptolemaic and Roman periods, when one of the last masterpieces of Egyptian astronomy, the Zodiac of Dendara, was created." (p. 13-14 Chap.1)

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The Question Of Evil In Ancient Egypt - Mpay Kemboly, S.J.

The Question of Evil In Ancient Egypt - Mpay Kemboly "In this book, I investigate relevant evidence from the Old Kingdom Pyramid Texts (c. 24th century B.C.E.) to the Graeco-Roman Period inscriptions (2nd century C.E.) in order to understand the way the ancient Egyptians dealt with the question of the origin of evil in the created world. This question can be formulated as follows: Was evil present in creation from the beginning or did it come about some time after the very first stage of the creation process? In connection with that question, one would like to know whether the world was created perfect or imperfect." (p. 1 Introduction)

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Crisis Of The Black Intellectual - W.D. Wright

Crisis of the Black Intellectual "Black intellectuals today are essentially running away... instead of plunging into the depths to function as intellectuals, and to devise concepts, analytical categories, critique and bodies of thought for Blacks to help themselves, and that help Whites and other Americans understand Blacks. A result of the avoidance is the discernible inadequacy of much of Black intellectual thought... Black intellectuals generally side step or skim these analyses, which reflects inadequacy of thought and analysis on their part. This continues to be unfortunate for Blacks and America."

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Arabia Felix - Alessandro de Maigret

"Arabia excited increasing interest, not only because it was an immense and largely unknown continent, but also because it formed the backdrop for two great cultures: the modern Islamic world that has always had a strong influence on the development of Europe, and the other, ancient world, famous for being one of the richest civilizations of antiquity.
The rediscovery of this ancient civilization revived the myth of Arabia Felix, a concept born of the wealth and rarity of the merchandise brought from there to the West." (p. 23 Chapter 1)

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